Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vintage Connor - Robert Baty


Robert Baty was born in Buffalo, NY, and grew up in L.A., where he worked in film and television as well as advertising. His love of vintage cars dates to his teenage years, and he has owned classic British and Italian sports cars. He lives on a dead-end street in the Oakland Hills with his wife and two cats, drives a vintage Alfa Romeo, and is at work on the second book in the "Vintage Connor" series, "The Girl in the MGA."

Product description:

When Connor wore a badge, he drove a Crown Vic down Oakland’s meanest streets. Now he pilots a Alfa Romeo and finds classic cars for rich collectors. Inevitably, he also finds trouble. It starts when Evie, an old flame, asks him to learn the truth about her daughter, who was found with her wrists slashed during Monterey’s classic car weekend. Unable to refuse the woman he loved and lost twenty years ago, Connor agrees to investigate. With some old-school detective work and his ex-partner’s help, he discovers that Evie may be right. She also may he hiding something. And as his investigation proceeds, he finds himself caught between deception and desire.

What will e-readers like about your book?

Unfolding like a modern film noir, "Vintage Connor" is a clever and original suspense novel with enough shady characters to keep you guessing whodunit. Pulsing with the rhythm and wit of the pulp classics that inspired it, this sun-drenched noir transports you from the gritty streets of Oakland to the pebbled beaches of Monterey, and will excite anyone who loves a crackling good yarn.

Why did you go indie?

My publisher, RJ Buckley, felt passionate about the material and convinced me that they were the right home for the "Vintage Connor" books. 

Who are your favorite authors in your genre?

Raymond Chandler
Michael Connelly
Robert B. Parker
Ross McDonald

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