Thursday, June 24, 2010

Guido Henkel--Jason Dark: From a Watery Grave

After spending over 25 years writing, designing and producing interactive fiction for numerous award-winning computer games, I decided a while back to put my storytelling talents to use in linear fiction. While games are fun to do, there is never the same sense of plotting in interactive fiction, and I really wanted to give that a try. The result is the Jason Dark: Ghost Hunter series of dime novel that I launched in January of this year. Since it's initial launch I have released a new volume every month.

From a Watery Grave: A quaint seaside town seems the ideal place for an English summer holiday. Little do its inhabitants suspect, that a century-old curse is about to throw their idyllic existence into turmoil and terror. Wraith-like, the black ghosts of undead mariners spread their cloak of horror over Pegwell Bay, the lure of their cursed gold too much for most to resist. Can Jason Dark and Siu Lin find the key to unlock their secrets and lift the curse from beyond the grave before more innocent townspeople die, or will some villainous trickery put even their own lives in jeopardy?

Q: What will e-readers like about your book?

Following the traditional dime novel format, readers will find that the books in the series take off right from the start. There is no lengthy exposition or background information. Instead the stories grab the reader by the collar and pull them along on a roller-coaster ride filled with mystery and horror.
Unlike most modern horror, the Jason Dark series hearkens back at the good old days of gothic horror where atmosphere and imagery was one of the most important aspects of the material. Therefore, the Jason Dark adventures feel a lot like an old Hammer Horror film or a classic Universal monster movie.

Q: Why did you go indie?

I knew that the dime novel format will never gain any traction with any of the traditional publishers. It is too unconventional and doesn’t really fit traditional book publishing formulae. Therefore early on I decided to take control myself. Of course, the fact, that I have full control over all aspects of my work as a result was a welcome side effect also.

Q: Who are your favorite writers?

It always depends on my mood. I am a very varied reader, devouring anything from history books through thrillers, adventures pulp and horror all the way to suspense and fantasy novels with ease.

I am a big fan of Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child’s books, especially the Pandergast series. I also thoroughly enjoy Clive Cussler’s Dirk Pitt adventures, whenever I’m in the mood for something purely entertaining. I am also a great admirer of Ben Bova, John Ringo and Mark Frost, as well as Vicki Tyley, a fantastic thriller writer I discovered a couple of months ago.

Most of the time I love experimenting with books however, and I will not buy books by author, though new releases by the aforementioned writers are always welcome. So, more often than not, I will simply dig through thematic sections and see which books get me interested at any given time. I am purely an impulse buyer when it gets to reading books. Anything goes.


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