Thursday, January 12, 2012

Judgment of Evil - Lori Lowthert

Judgment of Evil continues the story of Rebekah, a young serial killer who falls in love.
Rebekah had vowed to stop killing for love, but she finds herself unable to stop. Scott still knows nothing about her secret life.She is happily attending graduate school when the unthinkable happens--she is arrested and charged for one of the murders she committed last year. She spends a few nights in jail before she goes in front of a judge, who sets the bail at an exorbitant $1 million. Her father and Scott are able to raise the necessary money and get her out on bail. She kills again, even when she is out on bail. Rebekah has hired an excellent criminal defense attorney, but she's afraid it won't be enough and she'll go back to jail.
Even though this book is book 2 of a trilogy, it and the third books are stand-alone books that can be enjoyed without reading the first one, Instrument of Evil, available now on Amazon.
Q: What will eReaders like about your book? The character Rebekah, who is both a deeply flawed killer and a loving wife and friend. She truly doesn't want to kill anymore, but finds herself driven to do so.
Q: Why did you go Indie? I went Indie because I didn't want to suffer a string of rejections, finally get my book accepted, and still be responsible for most of the publicizing and promotion myself anyway. I decided that if I went Indie, I could cut out the middleman, and retain all my rights myself.
Q: Who are your favorite authors in your genre? I have a hard time picking a genre, but I guess "Thrillers" comes closest. I like Thomas Harris, Stephen King, and Stieg Larsson all very much. I think Stephen King is a master of creating characters.
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