Tuesday, October 5, 2010

R.E. Dinlocker-- The United Hates of America

R.E. Dinlocker lived in and written about Iran, Egypt, Indonesia, Haiti, Shanghai and the US. My novels are The Missionary Position, about Angela Benedetto’s adventures in Irian Jaya, My Enemy, My Friend, about a love affair during the Iranian Revolution, Something Came Up about a young man’s search for himself hitchhiking across the US, Shanghai’dabout a Chinese/Israeli plot originating in 1930’s Shanghai, Maiden Shanghai, about Shanghai’s Green Gang’s
covert aid to China’s Xinjiang Seperatists and Laidback & Co. about an athletic team in Jakarta, Indonesia.  I have written published articles for Channel East Magazine, West-East Magazine, Media Magazine, Asian Hotel and Catering Magazine, www.zingasia.com, www.chinaOnline.com and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel

After years of writing strange stories in foreign countries, I quit and return to Ft. Lauderdale.  My associate at The Picayune, Mary Saint-Baptiste, influences me to write one last story. 

Two Christian ministers, who hate each other, have joined forces to attack
common enemies. To cover their actions, the ministers enlist the help of an
Arab/Haitian restaurateur they think they can use as a scapegoat if their plan
goes wrong.  Their plan angers the gods who decide to take time from their Poker
Challenge to get involved and teach them a lesson in brotherhood.

When federal officials arrest the restaurateur as a possible terrorist, Akili
Al-Tiamat, actually an incarnation of the Babylonian Goddess of Chaos, flees to
Haiti.  My colleague Mary, now possessed bythe Voodoo Goddess Ayida-Wedo,
persuades me follow.  We witness strange ceremonies, alliances made and plans

Upon returning to the US, the Department of Homeland Security arrests Akili
Al-Tiamat.  The ministers free her and again under Mary’s influence, I get my
media contacts to come to her aid.  When Akili Al-Tiamat becomes a media
darling, she reveals her own plan to the ministers.
God’s Will?

The United Hates of America satirizes the radicalization of religion in the
United States and the influence of an increasingly entertainment oriented press
along lines drawn by Kurt Vonnegut and Hunter S. Thompson.  Going indie has
given me a worldwide audience even countries where my books would not be
More can be found on: www.dinlockersworld.com.

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