Saturday, December 18, 2010

Geoffrey Thorne-- Winter of the Wild Hunt

WINTER OF THE WILD HUNT is my first full-length eNovel. 

An aimless young man with a broken heart... Four child prodigies with an earthshaking idea... A beautiful musician who is considerably more than she seems... 
and an unearthly force capable of ripping people right out of this world come together in the swirl of magic and science that is WINTER OF THE WILD HUNT.

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 home with four super geniuses isn’t easy, especially if you’re worried the machine they’re building in the attic might just destroy the planet. When a beautiful singer with a voice that’s literally out of this world smashes into your life like a freight train all hope of normalcy goes right out the window.  
Suddenly you’re changing for her. Not only your mind but your body- changing into something new, something inhuman. 

You find yourself at the center of a centuries’ old battle between all of mankind and mystical forces too powerful and malevolent to contemplate. The fate of two worlds rests on which side of the conflict you choose you know whatever you decide could spell oblivion for billions including your best friends and the woman you’ve come to love.

WINTER OF THE WILD HUNT is a tale of magic, science, friendship and a love so terrible it just might break the world.

I think readers will like this book for the reasons I did. It's unusual. It's an urban fantasy that feels like someone telling you a real-world story. It's sarcastic and funny and sweet and terrifying, sometimes on the same page. It's got romance, action, magic, horror, science and it's about at least two different kinds of love. I think the readers will be surprised by it. It's not what it seems to be. In a very good way.

I decided to go the indie route as an experiment at first, testing the waters with several previously published novellas. Those are doing so well I thought I'd bite the bullet and release something completely original and unseen. That's WINTER OF THE WILD HUNT.

My favorite authors, short list: Ursula LeGuin. Octavia Butler. Tad WIlliams. Greg Bear. Roger Zelazny. Steven Brust. Neil Gaiman.


  1. This sounds like a very interesting novel and for now I'm placing it on my wish list and will share.

    Jacqueline Howett Author of The Greek Seaman