Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holly A. Hook--Tempest

I live in Michigan with my two cats. I started making up stories at the age of four by talking into tape recorders and making cassettes, because I didn't know how to write yet. Once I knew how to write, I took off. In high school I mostly just wrote for my friends, but finally joined on online critique group a few years ago. My writing has grown a lot since then and even made Semifinalist status in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards this year in the Young Adult category. I enjoy writing mostly young adult fantasy.

Tempest: Sixteen-year-old Janelle is devastated. Her new crush, Gary, just told her she’s a Tempest, a human hurricane. Like him. That’s what the gray spiral on her arm means. By law, all Tempests have to become their namesake hurricanes once in their lives to keep the world’s weather in balance—and Janelle’s turn is soon. And much to her horror, her dad’s going to make her go through with it.

That doesn’t bode well for her future as a doctor. Plus Janelle can’t live with herself if she kills anyone, even by accident. So she does what any sane person would do—she runs away from home.
Big mistake, because the evil Tempest leader, Andrina, finds and captures her. And Andrina's plans for Janelle include more than just keeping tabs on the planet's rainfall levels. Janelle's capable of turning into the most destructive hurricane ever--and now she's the main weapon in a plot to hold the world's coastal cities ransom. If she doesn't cooperate, Andrina's going to kill Gary and her best friend, Leslie.

But in order to escape her enslavement and save the lives of those she cares about, Janelle must face and accept the power that she’s trying to run away from.

Q: What will e-readers like about your book?It's something a little different. There aren't too many books about Tempests out there, to my knowledge.  The concept plays on something we're all familiar with, but in a new way: the naming and personification of hurricanes.  It also has a little romance.  And despite an extraordinary situation, the characters are quite human, all with their own faults, backstories, hopes, and fears.

Q: Why did you go indie?
I wanted to start building a reader platform and keep Tempest from gathering dust on my hard drive.  Publishers look for that a lot today in writers, from what I understand.

Q: Who are your favorite authors in your genre?
Rick Riordan, Holly Black, Diana Wynne Jones and many others.

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