Thursday, January 6, 2011

Isabeau by N. Gemini Sasson

N. Gemini Sasson is the author of The Crown in the Heather and Isabeau, A Novel of

Queen Isabella and Sir Roger Mortimer. She has worked as an aquatic toxicologist, an environmental engineer, a teacher and a cross country coach.

Isabeau: The story of Queen Isabella, who sought revenge on her husband Edward II, and her lover Sir Roger Mortimer, who masterminded the invasion that accomplished it.

The marriage of Isabella of France and Edward II of England in 1308 is a union meant to secure lasting peace. For years, Isabella is a loyal wife, who repeatedly salvages her husband's kingship, even as she endures his neglect. When she finally speaks out against Edward's favorite, Lord Hugh Despenser, her income, lands and children are taken from her. In an age when women are not supposed to openly defy their husbands, Isabella vows to get her children back and have her revenge on Despenser -- no matter what the cost.

Imprisoned in the Tower of London for leading a rebellion against King Edward, Mortimer escapes with Isabella's help and finds refuge in the French court. But when Isabella arrives in Paris to negotiate a peace treaty, it is a temptation the ambitious Mortimer cannot resist.

Q: What will e-readers like about your book?
A: The characters. Isabella defied her husband in an age when women were condemned for such actions. She did so at great personal cost, knowing that her children were still under Edward and Despenser’s control. Roger Mortimer, the condemned rebel, was precisely the person she needed to help her take control of her life and determine England’s future.

Q: Why did you go indie?
A: I’d already gone the traditional route. A few times, my trilogy on Robert the Bruce garnered editor interest. It even went to acquisitions once. But we were eventually passed over because we were told that ‘boy books’ in the historical fiction weren’t selling. When Isabeau began to circulate, one editor loved it, but said they weren’t taking on new authors at that time. Eventually, I self-published The Crown in the Heather , followed soon after by Isabeau.

Q: Who are your favorite authors in your genre?
A: Bernard Cornwell, particularly the Saxon Chronicles. I also enjoy Philippa Gregory and Morgan Llywellyn.

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