Saturday, January 29, 2011

Joseph Robert Lewis-- Heirs of Mars

Joseph Robert Lewis (1979 - Right Now) began writing novels after a decade of writing and publishing about military theory and history, science and technology, politics and economics, and the real-life stories of soldiers, adventurers, and entrepreneurs.

HEIRS OF MARS: The dream that was Mars has become a nightmare for the children born there.To save New Troy from falling birth rates, Asher Radescu secretly clones people in the back of his old truck. To save New Troy from despair, Claudia Cruz hosts the most popular racing show on two worlds. And to save the city from destruction, they’ll rally persecuted cloners, resurrected colonists, and racing celebrities to fight homicidal AIs.

HEIRS OF MARS follows the lives of six men and women through the final days of the first war on Mars, a war between humans, machines, and the resurrected souls who aren’t truly one or the other. But even if they survive the war, there is no escape from the red planet.

Q: What will e-readers like about your book?

HEIRS OF MARS is a blend of two books. It's an action/adventure story that takes a close look at several hard science fiction concepts like cloning, artificial intelligence, global surveillance, and the harsh realities of colonizing another world. But it's also a group of very personal stories about broken families and surviving tragedies. It's about losing loved ones, mortality, racism, classism, sexism, and the definition of family. It may be technical, but it is also intensely human.

Q: Why did you go indie?

I played the industry game for several years with earlier novels before I soured on the system. I did get good feedback from agents, including requests for partial and full manuscripts, but ultimately made no progress. It seemed too arbitrary, too unstable, and far too slow. So with this new novel, I decided to publish directly.

Q: Who are your favorite authors in your genre?
In science fiction today, Charles Stross. In fantasy, George RR Martin.


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  1. Hi Joseph, I must say, your book description sounds very interesting and as you say there is a lot more to it. I would imagine this to be an interesting read just to see how you weaved all this together.