Monday, January 24, 2011


Michael Crane is an indie author and scribbler of inane babble that can sometimes end up as stories. He went to Columbia College Chicago where he earned a BA in Fiction Writing. He is the author of IN DECLINE and LESSONS AND OTHER MORBID DRABBLES. His work has appeared in DEVIL MUSIC AND 18 OTHER STORIES by David McAfee, A LAND OF ASH by David Dalglish, and EVIL PUPPIES by Aaron Daniels. He lives in Illinois.

A sinister puppet finally makes a new friend.
A man learns about his bleak future.
A killer has another painful lesson to teach.

From the author of LESSONS AND OTHER MORBID DRABBLES comes this terrifying and amusing follow-up. 30 100-word shorts about horrible ghouls, monsters and deranged, bloodthirsty lunatics. In these drabbles, you'll run into kid-hungry goblins, sadistic dolls, zombies and psychopaths who believe that violence can solve just about anything.

Disgusting, creepy and darkly comic, LESSONS II: ANOTHER MORBID DRABBLE COLLECTION is bound to entertain, as well as horrify.

There's always time for another lesson...

Features bonus story by David McAfee, from his horror collection DEVIL MUSIC AND 18 OTHER STORIES.

Q: What will e-readers like about your book?
I think people love the combination of horror and dark humor.  They seem to work well together.  Even people who aren't typically fans of horror seem to enjoy the two books because of that.  And even though this is a follow-up, it's okay if you haven't read the first collection, although some reoccurring characters do pop up in a few of the stories.

Q: Why did you go indie?
My dream was always to get my work out there so that people can read and enjoy it.  Right now, I'm living that dream and it's all thanks to going indie.

Q: Who are your favorite authors in your genre?
As far as horror goes, I've always loved Stephen King, especially his short stories.  And I'm also a huge fan of David McAfee.  33 A.D. and his two short story collections are excellent reads.  I normally write slice-of-life type of pieces, and writers who inspired me with that are Richard Yates and Raymond Carver.

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