Friday, September 9, 2011

Wrath of the White Tigress - David Alistair Hayden


He thought he was a hero.
She showed him the truth.
Now he'll do anything to stop the man who made him a monster.

For twenty years Jaska Bavadi has faith­fully served the Palymfar Order and its Grandmaster, the powerful wizard Salahn, but an encounter with Zyrella Anthari, last high priestess of the White Tigress, shatters the spell that chained Jaska’s mind.

Now faced with the horrors he unknowingly committed against people he swore to protect, Jaska must put Salahn's reign of cruelty to an end. Together, he and Zyrella race to save the White Tigress and stop Salahn from opening the Gates of the Underworld. An army of palymfar warriors stands in their way, but the dangerous secrets that cloud their destinies threaten to doom them first.

In the tradition of ­­Michael Moor­cock, David Gemmell, and Glen Cook, Wrath of the White Tigress delivers a thrilling tale sword & sorcery fans will love. 


David Alastair Hayden scribbles and podcasts tales of fantasy adventure for young and adult readers. 

He lives in Alabama, along with his delightful wife and three lovely cats. 
David studied history, literature, and religion at the University of Alabama. He practices Yang Taijiquan, and he enjoys playing and designing roleplaying games.

David is also an avid collector of vintage manual typewriters, mostly from the 1950's. All his new fiction is now composed on these machines.

To learn more about David's upcoming projects or to leave him feedback about this book, please visit

Q: What will e-readers like about your book?

Wrath of the White Tigress is a tale of redemption, love, and betrayal. It’s about finding out that the world is not what you thought it was and reconciling yourself with that reality. Neither of the main characters is quite who they think they are. Jaska Bavadi spent the last twenty years enchanted into believing that all the horrible acts he committed for his mentor, Grandmaster Salahn, were noble and good. While Zyrella Anthari, last true priestess of the White Tigress, has a history she never would have imagined and a destiny beyond what she feared. How they both deal with these revelations is the crux of the story. Of course, they’re dealing with these personal crises while trying to stop Grandmaster Salahn, who is hellbent on opening the Gates to the Underworld and becoming a god by absorbing the power of the White Tigress.

Ultimately, Wrath of the White Tigress is a dark swords and sorcery tale full of fast-paced action. It’s about betrayal and the dark side of humanity, but there’s also love and a sense of hope that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Q: Why did you go indie?

I’ve had an agent and pursued the traditional publishing model, had some near hits and had the rug pulled out from under me. So now I’m doing things myself, albeit though Typing Cat Press, which I much prefer. I’m a “take matters into my own hands” kind of person and I don’t care much for jumping through others’ hoops. I come from a long line of quiet anti-establishment rebels. I should have known the traditional methods would never suit me. Obviously, having far better royalty rates doesn't hurt.

Q: Who are your favorite authors in your genre?

Michael Moorcock, above all others, for entertaining literary genius infused with metaphysics galore and matched to fast-paced tales of adventure. Elric of Melnibone and all the Eternal Champions have left me scarred, but in a good way, for many years now. Also: David Gemmell, Fritz Leiber, J.K. Rowling, Karl Edward Wagner, Robert E. Howard. 


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