Thursday, July 22, 2010

Alpha Rising - G.L. Douglas

G.L. Douglas lives near Cape Canaveral where a lifelong interest in space, and shuttle launches visible from her front yard inspired Alpha Rising.

Alpha Rising: May 25, 2020. NASA dispatches Commander "Bach" Turner on a perilous mission to find four astronauts lost beyond Earth's solar system. Minutes after rescue, the edge of a lethal, swirling cloud of galactic plasma draws the earthship deeper into space and deposits it on a strange planet.

Bach's troubles multiply when his crewmates are abducted by an evil army of Rooks—Rulers of other kingdoms. His rescue by Altemus Rider, the patriarch of a clan of geniuses, and the old man's daughter Star, lands Bach in a beleaguered future world where he delves into alien technology with a single-minded goal: find his crewmates and return to Earth.

In this unstable zone of space, time is running out on all life forms, children are missing, few can be trusted, and Bach's DNA is of particular interest to one alien. When he learns of a tunnel of light on a distant mount he cautiously ventures in. There, the Creator delivers the first of several instructions: search this weird, inverted galaxy for those with a sacred icon and allow them passage aboard your spacecraft.

After a race against time and the enemy, through lands of future and past with Star at his side, Bach's harrowing, prophetic journey takes an unthinkable turn when deep space rumbles a forewarning--and he realizes he didn't get the Creator's final instruction.

What will readers like about your book? - The return to classic, old-school adventure, and combination of reality, fiction and intriguing allusions written between the lines. Thoughts will be racing: Could these things possibly happen? Have they happened in the past? Are they happening now?

Why did you go Indie? I queried for a while, but wanted Alpha Rising in the marketplace while the scientific data, speculative views, and unique story line were hot. I'm getting great reviews—and comparisons to the works of C.S. Lewis.

Who are your favorite authors? – I like stories that play on a child's imagination and an adult's conscience. The works of C.S. Lewis, and cassics like, The Little Prince, Wizard of Oz, Lord of the Rings, Alice in Wonderland, Lord of the Flies.


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