Monday, July 12, 2010

Debra L. Martin-- The Quest for Nobility

Like most authors, Debra L. Martin has a day job, but her first love is writing. Her passion for writing started when she was in high school. Her English teacher had a knack for inspiring his students to think outside the box to create stories that would draw the reader into your world. She has been writing stories for enjoyment for years and completed her first novel in 1990.

It wasn’t until 2006 that she began writing science fiction/fantasy with her co-author, David W Small. Together they have completed two novels in the “Rule of Otharia” series and numerous novellas. Writing with a co-author is challenging especially when they live on opposite coasts. Coordinating time and work efforts is difficult, but with email, Instant Messenger and Skype, they are able to enjoy a successful partnership.

“The Quest for Nobility”: The idyllic life of royal teenagers, Darius and Dyla Telkur, from the planet Otharia takes a horrifying turn when their parents are murdered. With their cousin appointed as Regent until Darius comes of age, it doesn’t take the twins long to figure out that he’s bent on stealing their throne one way or another. To escape their cousin’s wrath, they flee to the only safe place they know where no one will find them – the forbidden and quarantined planet Earth.

Safe on Earth for the moment, the only way for them to return home is to find an ancient 10K traveling crystal left behind by their Otharian ancestors who visited Earth 1500 years ago. Enlisting the help of a London university archeologist, they begin their search for the crystal from clues buried deep within the Arthurian lore of Merlin and Lady of the Lake. What they find instead is evidence of a secret trade pact between Otharia and Earth that was established centuries ago. Before Darius and Dyla can understand what it means, they’re in jeopardy again; this time pursued by those on Earth who want the secret to remain hidden. Who is behind the trade pact and what is being traded are the questions the twins need to figure out while trying to stay one step ahead of the Earth assassins.
Time is running out for the royal pair. They must find the traveling crystal and open a portal home soon before their cousin is crowned the next Duke of Telkur and their lives are forfeited.

Q: What will your readers like about your work?
I think readers will enjoy our novels because my co-author and I create fast moving action-packed stories. We strive to keep the reader turning the pages through tension, challenges and the conflicts our characters face.

Q: Why did you go indie?

It was very discouraging hearing from a number of agents that they liked our book and thought it had commercial potential, but they just didn’t love it enough to offer representation. When Amazon offered the chance for authors to self-publish their works, it was the perfect solution for us.

Q: Who are your favorite writers?

Patrick Rothfuss, Brent Weeks, Peter Brett and Joe Abercrombie.

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