Monday, July 26, 2010

P.A. Woodburn—Cries in the Dark

P.A. Woodburn, born in Northern Ireland, now lives in Washington State with her husband, a Saint Bernard, and two cats. She has now officially retired from DSHS and has blossomed into a new career as an author of mystery/thrillers.

Cries in the Dark: When Alex has an accident she discovers that she can telepathically communicate with animals. Losing her summer job in a heart transplant lab she lands a job in a chimpanzee lab instead. Raised by her research scientist stepfather to appreciate the necessity of animal research for curing diseases, Alex discovers that her two closest friends are animal activists. All she desires is to be a regular family doctor. She tries to deal with these challenges to her core beliefs. Then she finds that a brilliant serial killer is stalking her. This vile criminal is so slick that the police claim all of his murders are accidents.

Will Alex survive long enough to sort all of this out or will she become the next victim?

Q. What will e-readers like about your book?

This is a book that doesn't simply entertain, but educates, without preaching, about the status of animals in our society today. It may leave the reader thinking what can I personally do to improve the situation for animals? The book is also very entertaining with at least six serial killings.

Q. Why did you go indie?

I have been writing for about thirty years, but never had the courage to submit anything? When I decided that I would try submissions I read a lot of horror stories. There were tales about a never-ending process, very little financial reward. Most authors would have to do all of their own promoting, and even trying to get self-published could leave you with a hefty bill. Then I read Joe Konrath's blog. At the end of June I published on Kindle.

Who are your favorite writers?

Old favorites are: like James Rollins, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Tess Gerritsen, Patricia Cornwell, Karen Slaughter, Jessica Speart, Nevada Barr, David Morrell, Lee Child, Nicholas Evans and many more.

New authors are: Ellen O' Connell, J.A. Konrath though he has been published by a dead tree publisher, A.J. Lath, D.A. Boulter, D.B. Henson, Mary McDonald, Jeff Heppel , Vicki Tyley

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