Monday, July 19, 2010

Daphne Coleridge-- The Artist's Model

Daphne Coleridge: I am a great lover of Art and have a number of artist friends - I have even posed (fully clothed!), so perhaps it was inevitable that my first Romance would be about artists and their painting. Although I have engaged in postgraduate law studies - an element which creeps ever so slightly into my book - I am mostly to be found in bluebell woods and corn fields with an easel, painting alla prima.

The Artist's Model: Tom Laurence knew that he had it all. A successful lawyer, he is set to marry his childhood sweetheart and come into his inheritance. Feeling increasingly as if some important element is missing from his life, he returns to his old passion, painting, in the hope that he will feel more fulfilled. Instead, new conflicts arise when he encounters the beautiful but elusive model Elizabeth in the months before his wedding, and he finds himself torn between duty and desire.

Elizabeth abandoned her own art studies to marry. Events in her past left her traumatised, but not for the reasons that most people assume. Carrying a sense of guilt and struggling to bring up her son, Elizabeth has dismissed the idea of ever having another relationship.

Although neither can ignore their growing attraction, Elizabeth realises that a relationship between them could tear Tom’s life apart and hurt those closest to him. Could an unexpected turn of events offer the possibility of a happy ending?

What will e-readers like about your book?

The Artist's Model is a light, gently amusing and stylish romance which should appeal to those who want a book to provide a pleasant distraction to a busy life. The astute reader may also pick up hints on how to paint a successful oil painting!

Why did you go indie?
I went Indie - because I like the freedom of writing and producing my books without having to conform to a publisher's notion of what is "commercial".

Who are your favorite authors in your genre?
My favorite romance author is without doubt Jane Austin, because of her shrewd and witty observation of human nature and the fact that she always has a happy ending.


  1. Hi Daphne,
    Your book sounds fascinating. I just bought it and look forward to a good read. The theme reminds me of my own novel, Love of a Stonemason, which is featured earlier on this blog. And yes, I, too, love Jane Austin!
    Christa Polkinhorn

  2. Thanks, Christa. Been browsing the Blog and will look at your book.

  3. Daphne, I put a review on the book section of Kindle Boards. It took me a while to figure this thing out, but I think it's there! Again, thanks for your lovely review of my book. Christa

  4. Hi Daphne,
    Just wanted to add that I also put a review of the book on Amazon. The number of reviews there seem to make a difference in the book's rating and exposure. Christa

  5. Thankyou Christa - I hope you stay on Kindleboards as it is a good place to keep in touch. My amazon kindle account has now switched to the UK. I was looking for your book of poetry there as I would love to have it. Are you planning to make it available on Kindle UK? Also recommending your book to my English friends, who have not yet got their Kindles, but hopefully will catch up over the next few months.

  6. Pretty insightful post. Never thought that it was this simple after all. I had spent a good deal of my time looking for someone to explain this subject clearly and you’re the only one that ever did that. Kudos to you! Keep it up