Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stephen T. Harper- King's X

Stephen T. Harper: I have been a professional writer in several fields for 10 years.   I'm currently working with a successful producer to develop a feature screenplay based on King's X - very excited about that.  Then, more novels.  A detective/mystery series is up next.  Then King's X will continue in 2011.  

A series of 4 novella-length episodes, King's X is an intoxicating cocktail of genres, blending a 20th century noir detective mystery with a 13th century romantic swashbuckler that will leave men, women, and young adult readers satisfied and thoughtful. Two separate stories, related by a provocative take on reincarnation, gradually dovetail to reveal an epic chase across many lifetimes.  Expect a fast paced and twisting suspense/thriller reminiscent of The Maltese Falcon, infused with the epic adventure and romance of Ivanhoe or Braveheart.

Q: What will e-readers like about your book? 
King's X will surprise more than once and in different ways.  It is a very ambitious story that promises a lot and, I do believe, delivers on what it promises.  But stories can only be as good as the heroes and villains who live in them.  I love these characters. 

Q: Why did you go indie? 
I'm lucky enough to be writing in a time when this is possible.  Connecting with readers is the dream for any story-teller.  That’s the only reason a writer should be doing anything other than writing – to find ways to connect your work to people who will get something good from it.  Publishing a hard-cover would be 2 years away if I was lucky.  Meanwhile, I've got people trying to make my book into a movie right now.  What’s to think about really?  The publishing industry is just glacially slow considering the other opportunities for writers and readers to connect today.  Beyond all that, I get to hire my own editor, collaborate with a brilliant artist on my cover... it’s too much fun all day long to not be doing.    

Q: Who are your favorite authors in your genre? 
Hmmm.  My book really straddles genres.  But my favorite writers tend to be great at using classical myths to create modern stories with timeless depth, like Steinbeck and James Joyce.  I think I might have just dodged that question.

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  1. My husband and I have to buy a kindle so we can read this! After reading Stephen's blog, I am intrigued.