About the Author

Basil Crumb lives in a small house with a large collection of books. He plays no musical instruments, makes extraordinary toast, and values laughter and friendship more than anything fashioned from gold or silver.

Product Description

Anonymouse: The Exceptional Escapades of Miles Ovalbum

A mysterious letter.

A murderous plot.

An ancient curse.

And an unlikely hero with a lifelong fear of cheese.

Anonymouse: The Exceptional Escapades of Miles Ovalbum is the unforgettable tale of an intrepid mouse who risks his life to repay a gallant act from the past.

Anonymouse follows Miles on a perilous adventure packed with action, humor and intrigue. Through alternating chapters and overlapping events, the lives of the valiant hero, his friends and associates along with a British couple and their cats intertwine in a series of events triggered by an anonymous letter delivered in the dead of night.

In Part One, Miles writes a letter warning Dwight and Delilah Percival that nefarious forces intend to harm their cats, William and Shakespeare. He hopes the note will spur the Percivals to return to London and avoid a deadly catastrophe. Instead, it initiates a series of increasingly daunting challenges for Miles as well as a puzzling mystery for Dwight and Delilah.

In Part Two, Miles risks everything—his fiancé, his freedom and his future—to stop the murderous plot against William and Shakespeare. As Miles works to save the two cats, Dwight and Delilah enlist the aid of a noted paranormal expert, a local historian and the village constable to unravel the truth behind the mysterious letter.

Q: What will e-readers like about your book?

Fast pace, overlapping adventure/mystery, and Miles Ovalbum, the brave mouse at the heart of the story. He is motivated by duty and honor. He is loyal. And his dedication to truth and integrity inspire me on a daily basis.

Q: Why did you go indie?

I've always liked coloring outside the lines.

Q: Who are your favorite authors in your genre?

P.J. Bracegirdle, Neil Gaiman, Jennifer Trafton

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