Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Phillip Thomas Duck-- Excuse Me, Miss

Phillip Thomas Duck is the author of several traditionally published adult and young adult novels. Excuse Me, Miss is his first e-book. He resides in New Jersey.

Temptation plus opportunity equals trouble…

How well do you trust your partner?

“Fidelity anthropologist,” sexy decoy to most, Victoria Frost will discover the answers you seek…

The night it all begins to change for Victoria Frost is no different than most. She spends it seducing another woman’s husband. Handsome, charming, intelligent, any woman would be attracted to Benjamin Kingston. Victoria eases up beside him and lingers there like too much perfume. And that quickly, his wife is forgotten. The ensuing conversation is an erotically-charged game of cat and mouse. Where will it lead? In EXCUSE ME, MISS hurtling events and richly drawn characters collide in a sexy story of betrayal, the desire for loyalty, and the consequences of unfaithfulness. One woman’s determination to uncover the truth for badly broken wives instead unleashes a host of personal dilemmas, and in the end the truths she discovers are mostly about herself.

Q: What will e-readers like about your book?
First and foremost, Victoria Frost's narrative voice. She's intelligent and haunted enough to be an interesting conduit for the story of a sexy decoy working for a private investigation firm. And I think the story premise is one that many can relate to. And it doesn't have to be an issue "at home" for people to understand the issue of infidelity and all of the angst that it causes. Whether it's our governors hiking the Appalachian trails or some singer getting caught by TMZ on a beach in Miami with someone other than his wife, we've gotten to a point where infidelity is front and center.

Q: Why did you go indie?
I looked at going indie as another opportunity to have my work available to readers. I've certainly had my ups and downs working with traditional publishers, and I in fact have some traditional releases still on the table, but it was refreshing to take on this project myself and to have the ultimate say in how it is presented. It's my plan to continue in both realms, the indie and traditional world, but if the traditional opportunities ever dry up I know that I'm capable of putting together a project from the ground up. In fact I believe tthe "packaging" of this project is better than most of my traditionally published work.

Q: Who are your favorite authors in your genre?
I'm not sure my work fits into a neat genre category. It generally includes elements of romance and suspense, but doesn't land squarely in either of those categories. That said, some of my favorite authors are: James Lee Burke, Walter Mosley, Jonathan Kellerman, Eric Jerome Dickey....and on and on. I could fill up a notebook with names of authors I've been inspired and challenged by. I consider myself a writer second but a reader first.

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