Monday, August 23, 2010

Tonya Plank-- Swallow

Tonya Plank worked for many years as a criminal appeals attorney
in New York. A former competitive ballroom dancer and a longtime
balletomane, she writes the dance blog, Swan Lake Samba Girl. Swallow,
her first novel, won the gold medal for women's fiction in the 2010
Living Now Book Awards and the gold medal for best regional fiction
set in the Northeast in the 2010 IPPY Awards and was a finalist in the
ForeWord Book of the Year Awards and the National Indie Excellence

Swallow is about a shy, young Manhattan lawyer
from a small-town, working-class background, who is stricken with
psychosomatic condition, Globus Hystericus, which makes it difficult
for her to eat, speak, and sometimes even breathe. At times comical
but ultimately serious, the novel centers on class privilege, gender
equity and the distance that can separate fathers and daughters.

What will e-readers like about your book?
Well, there haven't been
many books about Globus Hystericus, so I think they will learn
something new. And, the protagonist is a criminal defense attorney so
they'll also get a view of the New York criminal justice system. I
tried to write about serious things in a comical way so the book
didn't get too weighed down, so hopefully they'll be entertained as

Who are your favorite authors in your genre? Janelle Brown, Amy Sohn,
Elaine Dundy, Jennifer Belle, and Helen Fielding.

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