Tuesday, August 3, 2010

JM Pierce-- Failing Test

I am just a simple Midwestern man wanting to provide the world with a break from the madness!

You know him, but you can't remember his name. He is the one that is always there, in the background, all but invisible to those roaming the hallways. What if he had a secret? What if it was a secret that even he didn't know?

Test Davis has always been a blur to those around him. He's a shadow like a million other kids--not smart enough for the academic team, not beast enough for the football team, not stuck on himself enough for the drama crowd. In all things Test is just...not, which is why no one ever notices him.

But what happens when someone does notice him-- Nicole Paxton, a cheerleader, no less? What happens on the night that Test finds out there's nothing average about him and that a powerful gift has been hidden within, secretly waiting to be set free and alter his life forever? The question is, will that power save him and those he loves or tear them apart?

Q: What will e-readers like about your book?

I wanted to tell a story that most people would be able to relate to on some level. Beyond the fantasy aspect, Failing Test is a very typical Midwestern high school setting. Everyone has either been the low man/woman on the totem pole, been the innocent by-stander, or has even been the bully. I wanted to give the low man his day in the sun, and maybe even make a kid smile while imagining that he himself could be Test in another world.

Q: Why did you go indie?

I sent out query letters for months and ended up with an agent that I was very dissatisfied with so we parted ways. After the “divorce”, I read everything, trying to get points of view from both sides of the fence; independent vs. traditional. Originally, I was one of those people shunning indie publishing; not because of the writing quality, but because I fell into the trap of believing that if you self published, your chances of becoming traditionally published get flushed away. Now, after the many success stories in this community, I can chuckle at how my thought process was skewed. I am so glad that I have taken this route. The independent author community is so generous and supportive of one another, it really makes me proud to be a part of it.

Q: Who are your favorite authors in your genre?

Most of the indie authors that I know cringe when I say that I really like Stephenie Meyers. Is she the most technically sound writer? No. Does she tell a story that has connected with millions of people spanning all ages and genders? Yes. It is also no secret that I am a big fan of Stan Lee of Marvel Comics fame. I feel that he has had a tremendous influence on the world of Fantasy. I am also a big fan of Michael Crichton and Dean Koontz.

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