Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Depths of Deception - Ian Fraser

BIOIan Fraser is a multi-award winning playwright and author. He grew up in South Africa. Penguin Books published his autobiography, dealing with his army experience under Apartheid. His work was nominated for and gradually began winning most of the South African theatre awards. For a decade, both his solo comedy and dramatic works staged by various Arts Councils won awards and broke box office records at the Grahamstown Festival, Africa’s largest Arts Festival.
He relocated to the USA in 2006, and is now a naturalized US citizen. Since
arriving, his work has been staged in Wisconsin, Florida, Scotland (in the UK),
and in 2009, by Brown University.

Product Description

America has disappeared some years ago. A neo-fascist Party has come to power in the UK. Russia has expanded south. Ships leaving continental European waters are attacked. China is on the rise. A submarine hurtles through the cold dark waters of the Atlantic en route to an unknown destination. Only the ship’s doctor knows its true mission, but he is not who he appears to be. A sweeping tale moving from the violent heart of Apartheid South Africa, to the ruins of the United Kingdom, and down to the edge of the world in the frozen Antarctic landscape, The Depths of Deception is a modern homage to the works of Alastair Maclean, Hammond Innes, Neil Shute and other great adventure writers. It is a cruel tale of revenge, served as a shatteringly cold dish.
What will readers like about my book.
I think they'll like the experience of having been on a strange rollercoaster ride into unexpected territory. Based on reactions from readers, people do find the story emotionally moving, which is great to hear. I’m trying not to give any spoilers – but it’s a revenge story overlaid on a love story, with the narrative moving back and forth in time.
Why did I go indie?
I've had the experience of being formally published before. My Agent passed on this book, but I decided it was good enough to share with readers and thanks to e-readers, I was able to step around the blocked avenue and let readers decide for themselves. So far, from the feedback and the few reviews, it works as a strange 'speculative fiction meets literary fiction' genre-blurring piece.
Who are my favorite authors in this genre.
Dean Koontz, Connie Willis, Alastair Maclean, Gabriel Marquez, Margaret Atwood. It's difficult to say, I get my inspiration primarily from cinema.

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