Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Editorial - Arthur Graham

Editorial, an experimental novella by Arthur Graham

Editorial is an episodic novella combining existential themes with dark comedy and science fiction elements. Very light on plot and character development, but quite substantial in a more intuitive, visceral sense. Thesis-driven, yet hopelessly tangential. More cyclical than linear, as the ouroboros on the cover would suggest. A story told through concentric circles of narrative, each one adding a layer of truth while further smothering all notions of certainty, Editorial will leave readers wondering just how many times the same tale (tail?) can be swallowed....
Praise for Editorial:

"Anyone who likes experimental literature will probably just love this book ... An intellectual read and a fun one at that, provided you don't mind a strange trip."

- Cheryl Anne Gardner, POD People

"Of the Vonnegut classics, none has impressed me more than Cat’s Cradle, and I am pleased to report the similarities expressed in Editorial."

- Floyd M. Orr, POD Book Reviews & More

Q: What will e-readers like about your book?
A: Well, for one, I'm giving it away for FREE on Smashwords through May 31st!
Coupon code: LC43P

Q: Why did you go indie?
A: I did not need to submit Editorial to traditional publishers to know that it would have been summarily rejected on the grounds of indecency, insanity, and lack of saleability.

Q: Who are your favorite authors in your genre?
A: William S. Burroughs, Kurt Vonnegut Jr., and Hunter S. Thompson

from Editorial

“Let me off of this FUCKING plane I tell you I’m a FEDERAL FUCKING AGENT!!!”

The madman continued to rave in this vein despite the fact that his request was already in the process of being fulfilled (or at least trying to be fulfilled) by the flight attendant and the co-pilot as they dragged him, kicking at passengers and clawing at each seat, toward the exit at the front of the plane.

Suddenly the voice of the pilot could be heard over the speaker:

Ladies and gentlemen we do apologize for the delay, please rest assured that we will be taking off shortly.

At this the madman resumed his outbursts with twice renewed vigor.

“I AM A FEDERAL FUCKING AGENT I TELL YOU this plane is going to CRASH!!!”

A round of uneasy looks and nervous laughs swept throughout the cabin, followed by murmurs and chattering which only grew louder as the “agent” was successfully extracted from the plane and placed into the custody of airport police.

Once again ladies and gentlemen we do apologize for the delay…

Then, just when the flight crew thought they’d gotten everything under control, one of the other passengers stood up, bravely defying the fasten-seatbelts sign to address the entire cabin with a verbal parroting of their very own inner thoughts.

“Wait a minute!” he shouted, “Now hold on a sec! What if he’s right? I mean, what if he’s telling the truth?”

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