Thursday, May 19, 2011

While the Savage Sleeps - Andrew E. Kaufman

Andrew E. Kaufman is an award winning journalist and author living in Southern California, along with his Labrador Retrievers, a horse, and a very bossy Jack Russell Terrier (who, incidentally, thinks she owns the place).

His new novel, While the Savage Sleeps, a forensic paranormal thriller, broke out onto four of Amazon's bestsellers lists, taking the number one spot on two of them and third place on their Movers and Shakers list. It is also currently dominating seven of Amazon's Top Rated lists.

The novel is available on Kindle, trade paperback, and other e-book formats.

After receiving his journalism and political science degrees at San Diego State University, Andrew began his writing career as an Emmy-nominated writer/producer, working at KFMB-TV, the CBS affiliate in San Diego, then at KCAL-TV in Los Angeles. For more than ten years, he produced special series and covered many nationally known cases, including the O.J. Simpson Trial.


Product description:

Cameron Dawson's got a past he can't seem to shake, but he's hoping to change that. He's moved back home to Faith, New Mexico and taken a job as assistant sheriff. What he doesn't realize is that his newest nightmare's about to begin. Strange things are happening. People are disappearing, and for others, it's far worse …


Miles away in Albuquerque, Kyle Bancroft's life is spinning out of control. She's seeing, hearing, and dreaming things she can't explain: Flashbacks to World War II and an eerie hospital ward with locked doors, empty gurneys, and guttural screams. To make matters worse, a ghostly green-eyed girl is complicating her visions with an urgent message: Time is running out.


Kyle's otherworldly encounters are driving her straight toward Faith … and right into Cameron's life. The body count is rising, the pressure is mounting, and the clock is ticking as they rush to uncover a dangerous secret hiding just below the surface of this all-American town—one that's threatening to destroy Faith and everyone in it. A secret they must hunt down quickly … even if it costs them their own lives.


Q: What will e-readers like about your book?
The comment I get most from my readers is that they love the fast pace. A lot of people blame me for keeping them up all night--not such a bad thing for an author-- because they kept turning pages into the wee hours of the morning. Another thing I hear is that the characters seem to stay with people long after they turn the last page. These are the highest compliments I think I can get because it's exactly what I set out to do while writing While the Savage Sleeps.

Q: Why did you go indie?
Well, Um... I'm a bit of a "control enthusiast". I love having creative control over my work and calling the shots. I also love the fact that Amazon gives authors a fair shake of the profits.

Q: Who are your favorite authors in your genre?I don't know that I have an actual favorite. I love getting my hands on anything good that I can find. I've read so many authors through the years, I'm not sure I could pick out ones whom I favor.

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