Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Charlie Opera - Charlie Stella

Bio: I’m a former window cleaner, knockaround guy, word processor ... currently unemployed and about to start an MFA program at Southern New Hampshire University.

Product description:  A gritty underworld thriller that takes mob bosses, hit men, and gangland wannabes to Las Vegas where the name of their game is Charlie Opera.

A guy goes to Las Vegas for a holiday. In a matter of hours he gets drunk, gets mugged, and gets dumped by his wife. Things could get worse, and do, in this new crime novel from Charlie Stella, whose work, says the San Diego Union Tribune, not only recalls George V. Higgins but also “stacks up well against the master.”

With bravura, alternating brutality with humor and high-octane action with virtuoso tough-guy dialogue, Stella crafts his story of Charlie Pellecchia, whose unwitting entanglement with New York mobster Nicky Cuccia plops him in the path of the DEA, FBI, and Las Vegas police. Law enforcement may find Charlie awkwardly in its way, but elsewhere—in deluxe casino hotel suites, at deserted construction sites, on quiet residential streets—a bodybuilding punk looking to be made, a professional killer, a mob chief’s double-dealing accountant, and a pair of Vietnamese gangbangers are all trying to put Charlie permanently out of the way. All because he broke a wiseguy’s jaw.

Add to the mix hookers with felonious kinks, a cop deeply troubled by his wife’s infidelity, a ham-fisted redneck with vengeance on his mind and some bad faith between a Brooklyn crime family and the Russian mob. Things go down tough in Charlie’s opera.

Q: What will e-readers like about your book?  It’s price $2.00; hardboiled mob fiction with a twist of humor.  Mob fiction from just about the time government deals with devils began bringing down the mob as portrayed in the Godfather flicks.

Q: Why did you go indie?  Charlie Opera was my best reviewed book until Shakedown and Johnny Porno (currently under contract with original publishers).  It was the best way to reach new readers without mortgaging the house.  Charlie Opera sold out in 6 weeks when it was published but it was news to my publishers so although very well reviewed, it died in house.

Q: Who are your favorite authors in your genre?  George V. Higgins, Elmore Leonard, Vickie Hendricks, Dana King ... there are obviously several more but from fear of offending someone, I’ll stop right there.

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