Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Love Never Fails - Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

“Love Never Fails” is a second chance at romance story.  When he needs her, Reid Ramsey makes a late night phone call to the one time love of his life and asks her to come home.  Caroline Cunningham agrees and returns to their hometown where they must not only find his missing brother but work through the emotional baggage of the past for their chance for a happy future.
Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy is a full time author of romance and the occasional bit of speculative fiction.  Love Never Fails is her first contemporary romance but other titles will be out in the near future.   She lives in the Missouri Ozarks, far from the inner city neighborhood where she was raised with her family, husband, three kids, one dog.
What will readers like?
I think they will like the reality of this romance.  No billionaires, no sheiks, or princes, just an auto mechanic and real life situations.
Why did I go indie?
After struggling to break into the big traditional markets, I realized that there is an entire other world of opportunity for authors – and readers want something different.  Once I realized that, I found readers and people who enjoy my work.
Favorite authors in the genre I write in:
Anna Keraleigh, Emma Shortt, Carolyn Rosewood, Delilah Hunt, Lila Munro,
Lee Brazil, and Cassandre Dayne.  There are more but too many to list!
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