Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sonny Strange, A Motivational Memoir in Minor - Noel Farrel

Bio: Noel Farrell is a writer and filmmaker living in Trim, Co. Meath in Ireland. The Irishman, who lost his job at the beginning of the Irish recession in 2008 has been writing full-time since that time, and has recently released his first full length novel, Booker's World as well as releasing a 12,000 word novella free to download on Smashwords and Scribd. Noel has recently finished the scripts for a follow-up web-series featuring the protagonists from both books.

Product description:
Booker's World is a coming-of age novel told through the eyes of Don Booker as he searches for personal meaning in life against the backdrop of the worst recession ever to hit the Emerald Isle.

Sonny Strange - A Motivational Memoir in Minor follows the trials of Sonny Strange as he tries to get a career in motivation off the ground.

Q: What will e-readers like about your book?

I think the fact that the character of Sonny Strange is free for readers to delve into via the free download and the fact that the Don Booker character is a real-time character who updates his blog almost daily allows the reader to get to know these characters before the web-series. With some of Ireland's finest Indie acting talent attached I think it gives the reader a different dimension in what they choose to read. If they identify with the stories and characters on some level I'm hoping they support my writing by purchasing Booker's World via my blog.

Q: Why did you go indie?
Writers for the most part for centuries have had to have the approval of big publishing houses to gain a readership. Most publishing houses are profit driven, so a new writer in the current climate finds it near impossible to break through. With the concept of self-publishing taking off both as an alternative for writers and also the success self publishers have had thanks to the growth of ebook sales, new writers don't have to wait for that approval anymore. I think most writers dream of what a publishing house can bring to the writer, but it still remains just that for many. Indie seems a very relevant path now for writers who want more than anything else just to be read.

Q: Who are your favorite authors in your genre?

Nick Hornsby and Jeffery Archer rarely let me down.

A free download of Sonny Strange is available on Smashwords.

Or alternatively on Scribd here -

Readers who wish to purchase a print copy of Booker's World can do so at Noel's regularly updated blog, The Writing Life & Other Absurdities at

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