Friday, June 24, 2011

Stopwatch and Timer, An Application for your Kindle

We're going to do something different today.  This is an application for the Kindle (my favorite eReader.)

It's a well kept secret that you can run apps on your Kindle, as well as reading books. Indie Kindle developer, A Gamz, released another Kindle app recently. Its a handy stopwatch that joins the other 99c utility programs released over the past few months. The stopwatch supports hundreds of laps and it also has a countdown timer that comes with several presets, or set your own. It keeps time even while you're reading or the Kindle is off. 

When combined with the great Kindle screen, long battery life and convenience of always having your Kindle available, this is a handy little app to have and its great value for 99 cents!

A Gamz is a small software company that has developed several highly rated apps for the Kindle, including
Maze A Thon and Checkers. You can read more about them at their website, or follow their facebook page to receive updates.

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