Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gastro Detective - Vincent McConeghy

Bio: Vincent McConeghy is a veteran restaurant and bakery owner residing in Buffalo, NY. This is my first work of fiction and it is set in the industry I know best - foodservice. I am  interested in food, professional cooking, literature and writing.

What Will Readers like about your book: My book will appeal to those who love food and restaurants and are intrigued by some of the behind the scenes drama of the restaurant industry. It has a vocabulary and language that is uniquely its own and I'm trying to capture some of the essence of it in a page turning manner.

Why Did You Go Indie: Instinctively, those that run and own restaurants are entrepreneurial. Indie publishing is also entrepreneurial. Besides, I have a busy life professionally and I thought the Indie route was something I could develop over time and connect directly with my audience.

Who Are Your Favorite authors in you genre: I'm trying to create a new genre called the Resto Thriller. It's a suspense book set in the food and restaurant industry. Most books on food are cookbooks and non-fiction, first person narratives. I would like to carve a niche where Anthony Bourdain meets Mickey Spillane meets Norman Mailer meets Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

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Link to Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Gastro-Detective-Frank-Bruno-ebook/dp/B004XQVMYA/


  1. I love the Resto Thriller concept! This just might be what gets my husband to start reading again (he's a CIA grad). I looke forward to reading it and sharing it with the hubby this week at the beach!

  2. Sounds cool. I always like it when new genres and concepts surface anywhere, especially literature.