Friday, December 2, 2011

Bloody Murder - Kate Kulig

Kate Kulig was born in Saugus, Massachusetts and denies all responsibility for the hospital having burned down at a later date. Throughout her schooling and into college, she enjoyed writing, and considered it as a college major. She was strongly encouraged by the people paying her tuition at Hofstra to major in business so she'd be able to feed herself after graduation.
Going in a completely different direction for a few years, Kate changed her major to Communications. and spent the better part of her college career at the campus radio station, WRHU, where she was Program Director her senior year. Shortly after college graduation, she learned just how little the glamourous career of radio paid while working as a disc jockey and copywriter in a small town in Arizona.
Several moves and careers later, including time spent as a stage manger, delivery driver, bookseller and a memorable temp job counting arrows, she found herself in New England again, and she travels to New Orleans whenever possible.

Product description:
Zofia Smith left behind a promising career as a journalist when she realized her former employers meant it when they said, "You'll never work in this business again." Convinced by her best friend to move to New Orleans and start over, Zo opened a bookstore in the Crescent City's French Quarter. 

For six years, life was peaceful, enjoyable. Bloody Murder made a profit with its focus on mystery books and its regular patrons enjoyed Zo's homemade muffins and fresh coffee.

Things changed one morning when Zofia walked downstairs from her apartment above the store and tripped over a corpse, landing in a heap of blood and muffins. The clues the police found included a knife with a Polish eagle and the corpse's criminal record that indicated he typically worked for a crime family, though not a local one. 

Clues came from and pointed to different directions. A narrow miss with a gunshot, mysterious phone calls, and oddly enough to a man Zofia long thought dead.

Q: What will e-readers like about your book?

The characters, which one reviewed called, "Likeable, in spite of their flaws." The atmosphere of New Orleans. How a bookstore owner goes from a quiet life to figuring out a mystery that quickly gets very personal.

Q: Why did you go indie?

Encouragement from my beta readers, and the more I investigated about indie books and authors, the more I thought I should give it a shot.

Q: Who are your favorite authors in your genre?

James Lee Burke, John D. MacDonald, John Sandford, Robert K. Tannenbaum. Tim Hallinan and I just discovered Laura Lippman.

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