Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Kiss of a Vampire, the Heart of a Wolf - Samantha Bates

Bio: Samantha Bates is an indie author of Paranormal Romance and Erotica.  By day she is a child protection worker, by night she writes the Silver Series. Born in the UK she travelled much of Europe as a child. This year she and her family made the life changing decision to move to Australia where she is currently living. At the moment she is getting ready to release the 4th book in the Silver Series, The man behind the vampire.

roduct description: Living openly with Other Species has changed the world as we know it. Humans are no longer as the top of the food chain; New York City is home to the Silver Wolf Pack. Theo is a wolf in love with Imogen, both are fighting for their lives and their hearts. When Imogen is attacked by vampire she becomes a hybrid vampire; can she find who she is before it's too late?

Theo and Imogen have each been hurt and traumatised, their wounds are the type that can't be seen but threaten to destroy the love they have for each other. Each one has a journey to make, a journey that could destroy them.

The goddess of War has been following the lives of the Silver Pack for longer than anyone realises, when she asks Theo for assistance he takes the opportunity to give Imogen the space she needs. It is on this quest that he finds family he never knew existed.

Imogen is taken in by the vampires. While trying to teach her how to adapt to her new life she is forced to face her fears.

Each has to face their own personal demons, but will they survive long enough to love and be loved by the other?

Q: What will e-readers like about your book?

The book takes the reader on a journey; do vampires and shifters really exist? Are they hiding in plain sight? The Silver Series is set in New York where other species live with humans, how does this work? The series creates an exciting world where everyone lives openly. Following the Silver Wolf Pack and the Elite Vampires the reader becomes part of the excitement, the sadness and the fear as we follow their lives and loves.

Q: Why did you go indie?

When i first started writing, i initially started going down the route of traditional publishers. This notion didn't last long, whilst i recognise that publishers are able to market a book quicker, and faster the indies; i wanted the book to remain my work. I wanted to be the decision maker, that way i could listen to reviews and feedback and still keep the writing how i want it to be. I love writing and don't want to be tied to deadlines and emails for this and that. My books have only been on sale for 2 months but already they have been quite popular. By not having publishers take a cut of the profits i am also able to keep the cost down, and engage in marketing tools, such as special offers in anticipation of new releases. So far i have loved the experience of self publishing and giving something back to the readers.

Q: Who are your favorite authors in your genre?

J.R Ward
Christine Feehan
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Christina Dodds

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