Saturday, December 17, 2011

Underdead in Denial - Liz Jasper

EPPIE award winning author Liz Jasper writes mysteries and YA novels in California near hiking trails and good public libraries, in a house where chocolate is welcome and the resident cat gets fatter and lazier every year. Why does Liz add a bit of paranormal to her books? With a career path that has gone from teaching middle school science to economics and finance, writing about blood-sucking demons was only natural.

Product description:
Eighth grade science teacher Jo Gartner is back after a deceptively quiet summer.
No Vampires.
No Cops.
No murder investigation.
Apart from the hormonal teens she has to deal with everyday and her sensitivity to sunlight everything seems, well, almost normal.

She probably shouldn’t have volunteered to help the hot new teacher on campus with his Haunted House fundraiser.
Because that’s just asking for the real vampires to show up…
And the next thing she knows there’s a dead body.
And the cops are back.
And Jo is forced to decide which side she’s on, once and for all. 

Q: What will e-readers like about your book?

My books appeal to cozy mystery readers, romance readers, and teens (who tend to steal the books from their parents, or so their parents complain to me). I have a lot of readers tell me they don't read vampire books but love these books because they're funny and the curl-up-on-the-couch-after-a-rotten-day-and-feel-better-book.  UNDERDEAD IN DENIAL is the sequel to EPPIE Award winning Underdead. Here's a quick blurb:  "Almost-undead" science teacher Jo Gartner has started a new school year and things are actually going well...until she volunteers to help with the Haunted House fundraiser. That's just asking for the vampires to show up. And they do. And then there's another dead body. And more cops. And Jo is forced to decide which side she's on, before someone gets rid of her permanently.
Q: Why did you go indie? I was tradionally pubbed by a small branch of a big publisher who decided to change focus. So I got my rights back and went rogue. I mean indy.
Q: Who are your favorite authors in your genre? I read a ton. Right now I'm reading P.B. Ryan (wonderful). My favorite mystery author is probably Elizabeth Peters AKA Barbara Michaels. If she would just write more books I wouldn't ever bother to pick up a pen. Okay, I lie. I would still write. But I'd be a happier reader if she had 8x the books. On my TBR right now is Kat Jorgensen's Eight O'Clock is Dead, which had me at the first line.
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