Sunday, September 4, 2011

Beer Sweats and Bollinger - Jimmy Toogood

hi. i'm jimmy toogood. i have attached my book, beer sweats and bollinger in the hope that you will review it on your website. i am currently working as head chef in a small successful bistro in a small town called bideford in north devon.
i have collected stories from time spent in thailand and on exmoor to make this book. it is a book of contemporary work that in my mind, and many others, is very important to literature and general story telling.
what will readers like about my book? my fresh way of writing, my ideas on life, plus the aspects of a book that everyone wants to like; deep, complex characters - likable, surreal, or hateful.
this is not me being arrogant, just confident in my own work.
why have i gone indie? because there are too many people chasing the dream - the crowd is very thick and dense and the agents and publishers can only pick so few. so why wait for them? let them come to me. this rum is making me real confident huh.
my favourite authors in my genre? - jack kerouac, hunter s. thompson.
I got lost and I'm found., 15 Aug 2011
This review is from: Beer Sweats and Bollinger (Kindle Edition)
I read alot, I love hemmingway, Tompson, Faulkes, Smith, I love the classics but what I like more is being the second person on here to say what a gifted Author Toogood is, His contempory vision cuts through his book without effort, a game of hide and seek with the main character Will and the fact that the world changes whether we want it to or not, The characters are people that I feel I now know and the backdrops in thailand and exmoor are clearly well lived and researched, I wish I was a critic of note so that the world would listen and buy this book, I wish I could influence people ive never met to take a leap into the culture of a generation and embrace its harsh and beautiful realities, As soon as this hits the shelfs in paperback I'm gonna buy it for the second time so that I can lend it to friends, I truely am suprised by its brilliance,,, lots of editorial mistakes in spelling but these are easily forgiven as it is the first time ive found this authors work.... I think Jimmy Toogood may just become a name that ends up littering pop culture, Dare I say a Banksy with a keyboard??

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