Monday, September 19, 2011

Get Lenin - Robert Craven

Book Title - Get Lenin

Author Robert Craven

ISBN: 1461194016

Price - paperback (US) $11.99 / Kindle (US) $1.16 & 99c in some stores. Kindle (UK) £0.86

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1) - I think e-readers will like this book for the adventure - its set on the Russian front in 1941 with The Third Reich attempting to hi-jack Lenin's mausoleum en-route to the Urals. I thought it would make a good page-turner; the sort of book you'd buy before you check in & waiting for the boarding call. I wanted to create a story that when stacked up against the insanity of the Third Reich seemed plausible and tried to write it as a piece of reportage. But mostly I wanted to write an entertaining piece of historical pulp.

2) - I'm published by Night Publishing, a UK small-press; the benefits being that I can keep my own style and story closer to non-commercial requirements. I get to keep my 'voice' in other words.

3) - Fredrick Forsyth, Alaistair Maclean, Ian Fleming, Jack Higgins, Gerald Seymor, Tom Clancy and not forgetting John Le Carre either!

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