Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hang On - Neil Gavin

I was raised in Chicago, and lived in Texas for a number of years. I now live in Tulsa, OK. I'm married with two sons, two dogs and a cat.


In 1973 “crazy” Holly unexpectedly falls in love with Trevor, a roadie for a famous English rock band. From the moment they meet, dreams of marriage, children, and a normal life are suddenly – finally – within Holly’s grasp.

Trevor takes her with him on tour and introduces her to the very “un-normal” backstage world of Rock and Roll. When she walks onto the band bus, she becomes part of a colorful, exciting adventure in a world completely different from the life that awaits her back home, where she chases cockroaches with a shoe, works at a low-paying job, and sleeps to escape the hunger.

Unfortunately, Holly has a secret. Plagued by panic attacks, periodic rages, and depression, she needs to learn why her mentally ill mother committed suicide, long ago, so she can save herself. Thus far, she has found no answers. She must conceal her symptoms from Trevor in order to keep him, but as their relationship becomes progressively more serious, her illness becomes increasingly more difficult to hide.

This sly and darkly humorous novel won the silver medal in the Living Now Book Awards under its original title, ALL TORC’D UP.

Caution: Some strong language.


Readers will enjoy going backstage at 1970s rock concerts, and joining the roadies on the band bus. They will also enjoy connecting with Holly, who makes her journey and her challenges accessible and moving. Like many people who grapple with mental illness and live their lives on the edge, she can make you laugh with her droll observations, and then cry without pausing.


I became an indie because I like to control my own work. My first book, THREADS: THE REINCARNATION OF ANNE BOLEYN, was picked up by a publisher and categorized incorrectly, which was my first warning that perhaps I'm better off doing things myself. I like the freedom of being able to write what I want to write, without worrying about deadlines or demands. I also like the indie community. I honestly don't know what it would take to persuade me to go with a traditional publisher.

My favorite book would have to be Harper Lee's TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. I also love A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN, by Betty Smith. I prefer character studies that give you something to think about, and a chance to learn something.


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