Friday, September 2, 2011

Elemental: The First - Alexandra May

Book Title:   Elemental: The First

Publisher:   Pauma Publishing

Author:  Alexandra May

Genre:  Young Adult Urban Science Fiction Fantasy

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Rose Frost receives a bracelet on her sixteenth birthday, a parting gift from her mother who claims it is a family heirloom. From that night Rose starts having vivid dreams which make no sense.
Days after, her family separate and Rose moves into her grandmother’s house in Warminster, Southern England. Rose remembers happy childhood holidays with her grandmother, and is eager to rekindle her friendship with Hannah and Mira, the two girls she played with as a child.
Rose’s dreams start to involve a woman called Halíka Dacomé. A legend or a figment of her imagination, she knows not, but her grandmother, Daisy, remains reluctant to talk about the subject.
One night a freak fire occurs but when the fuel tank of a car explodes Aiden Deverill pulls Rose to safety. But not before the fire burns her face. She uses her healing gift to heal the scars and to all appearances remains unscathed. But Aiden is unhurt too and Rose doesn’t know why. She is drawn to him in a way she cannot fathom but as he tries to get closer her friends warn her off claiming that he’s bad news.
Rose tries to find out more about Halika Dacomé and why Aiden is so disliked, but she soon gets drawn into helping her friends solve the mystery behind the missing Warminster townsfolk. The latest missing person is her new friend Jez’s father.
During the investigation she meets Morgan, who lives in the cottage at the bottom of Daisy’s garden but his enmity towards Aiden Deverill and his grandfather, Ben, lies rooted in a shocking event that happened years before.
For Rose, her new life is beginning but she soon realises that people are not always what they seem. What she always believed to be a happy family and a friendly town soon turns on its head when she discovers that her family secret and the truth behind Halíka Dacomé is at the heart of the whole conspiracy.
Q: What will e-readers like about your book?A: That’s easy. The story is completely new and original. People love YA Paranormal Fantasy at the moment. Whether its vampires, werewolves, ravens, or people transmuting into otherworldly beings, the audience is there. The only problem I have is that it’s being overused. The number of vampire books now available has almost tripled since the time when Charlaine Harris, LJ Smith and Anne Rice first published their books. I wanted to write something different and something that readers haven’t read before. As a writer I would feel no sense of credibility writing the same old vampire romance with a different twist. If people want to read about vampires and werewolves then there is enough out there already. I’ve been researching my story now for 8 years, making sure that it stayed original and didn’t plagiarise anyone else’s work in any way and I think the world is ready for a new fresh idea and something to get your brain thinking about. And its set in Wiltshire – the home of Stonehenge so what’s not to like!

Question: Why did you go indie?
I don't believe that Publishers and Agents truly know what the mass market want any more. Yes, agents help with getting the publicity and signing publishing deals but they're all so fickle. Some accept and launch an awful book while better books don't get a look in. Also how many times are us writers passed over because the agents simply don't have the time to read our material.
Question: Who are your favorite authors in your genre?
I love Suzy Turner, and Cassandra Clare. I like reading new authors.

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