Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bruce and the Road to Courage - Gale Leach

Bio: Gale had a number of different careers—including teacher, gift shop buyer, craft wholesaler, and American Sign Language interpreter—before she started her own business doing technical writing and editing for biotechnology companies. She ran that company successfully for 20 years, until her husband suggested she retire early. She didn't think twice. She also never really retired.
After moving to an active adult community, she wrote her first book, The Art of Pickleball,which won the 2007 Arizona Book Award in its class (Recreation/Sports). Gale is currently finishing her first novel, Bruce and the Road to Courage, a heroic fantasy for children, and other novels are in the wings.
Gale lives in Arizona with her husband, two dogs, and three cats.

Product description: Bruce, a young caterpillar who is afraid of heights, doesn't want to become a butterfly. Tired of being teased and bullied about this, he leaves home, unaware that he has embarked on a heroic journey that will test both his character and his courage.
Through a series of perilous adventures, Bruce discovers that standing up for yourself and doing what you know is right, even in the face of great odds, are the most courageous actions of all.
Q: What will e-readers like about your book? This book is an adventure story that warms the heart. Similar to Charlotte’s Web or Watership Down, the story is universal and appeals to children of all ages.

Q: Why did you go indie? I had already published a non-fiction book myself, and I decided not only to go indie but to start my own publishing company to help other new authors find good editors and marketing channels.
Q: Who are your favorite authors in your genre? E.B. White, Beverly Cleary, Richard Adams, Doris Gates, Madeleine L'Engle, and many more.

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