Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tear in Time - Christopher David Petersen

I believe the e-readers will like this book due to the emotional connection they will have with the main character as he literally fights to make it back home to the future.

In years past, I considered investing the time to have my novels traditionally published, but after much research, I realized that the reward for so much work just wasn’t worth it. Just recently, I discovered e-publishing at Amazon on their Kindle e-reader. I was shocked at how easy they made publishing your own work. I dug out one of my novels and with almost no time at all, I published it. I was amazed at how quickly I was making sales. I only wish I had discovered e-publishing sooner.

My favorite author without a doubt is Clive Cussler. His writing style is a smooth and seamless as anyone I’ve ever read. I also am a great fan of Mark Twain and Charles Dickens. If only they had written more.

The link to “Tear in Time” on Amazon.

Brief Synopsis:

After an emotionally trying surgery, Dr. David Warner descends in a hospital elevator, triggering a time portal that leads to the Civil War. Stepping through the elevator doors, the time portal disappears behind him, leaving the young doctor trapped in 1862. He is soon befriended by Dr. Jebediah Morgan, an old Civil War doctor, and together the two embark on a journey that takes them from one infamous battle to the next, enduring the harshest of conditions, surviving combat, while analyzing and plotting his return. As the two trade rolls of student and mentor, they develop a deep bond that carries them far beyond their own respective times. Nearing the end of his journey, with his return nearly in his grasp, Dr. Warner must overcome one last hardship where his life is held in the balance.

Author’s Bio:
Christopher David Petersen, born 1963 and raised in Connecticut. As a child, I was always daring and reckless. Never one to let common sense stand in the way of a great adventure, my bold feats of stupidity were legendary... Huckleberry Finn would have been proud.
"Surprisingly", that same spirit carried over into adulthood, as I sought out entertainment that included: scuba diving; ski Mountaineering; mountain biking; Rock, Ice and Mountain climbing; flying planes; golf, motorcycles, the stock market and of course, experimentation with various alcoholic refreshments.
Later in life, writing became an extension of my deep desire to experience "new and exciting worlds". I have written several books, but none have been published through any formal channels... I've heard the process is long, painful and laborious, the thought of which sickens me. My foray into e-publishing came after a friend suggested my works could fetch dollars instead of dust inside my sock drawer... a righteous observation. My recent publications are the result of this advice. Further adventure/suspense novels are soon to be released.
An engineer by trade, I have worked all over the U.S. and usually write in my spare time... that is when I'm not enjoying a bottle of Scotch and a quality cigar. I am a naturally long-winded individual, so writing is what happens when I can't get anyone to listen to me anymore...
I love all kinds of genres but gravitate more towards suspense. There is nothing like the build up to a great climax... What a rush!

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  1. Looks like "someone" spelled my name wrong. It's spelled petersEn, with an "E" in "sen".

    Here's the link to my website to sample the first 3 chapters. :)

    Can be purchased at my site or at Amazon or Smashwords.