Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Torc of Moonlight – Book 1 in the Celtic Goddess Trilogy - Linda Acaster

When Nick Blaketon manoeuvres into Alice Linwood’s dry academic life he’s aiming to get into her bed, and readily agrees to help find the water shrine to a forgotten Celtic fertility goddess. He makes light of Alice’s paranoia that people close to her die, but as her desire for him rises, he becomes less certain.

Sleeping dreams seep into waking nightmares. Warnings screamed from a balcony, shapes in a steamy mirror.... What is it that he's seeing? Did the shrine return to nature, or was it obliterated by fire, quenched in blood… for a reason?

As time extends and reality splits, Nick knows he and Alice are out of their depth. But who will believe him? Not
, running from her past, and from Nick. He can’t let her face the danger alone, but is she right? Has she marked Nick to be The Sacrifice?

How many believers does it need to keep a pagan religion alive?
Just one. You, throwing coins into a wishing well.

Linda Acaster is a novelist with a host of short fiction and non-fiction to her credit, who is indie authoring a trilogy of contemporary paranormal thrillers as ebook originals. Living in northern England, she’s always been fascinated by the history still evident in the landscape, and particularly how 2,000 year old Celtic lore still manages to squirm through into modern lives, inspiring her current work.

What will e-readers like about your book?
A multi-layered, fast-paced adventure following ordinary people in extraordinary situations where normality is no more than a state of mind and history still tolls its bell in a way technology cannot fathom.

Why did you go indie?
For the control. Waiting months for editors to make a decision, or even to respond, getting the runaround for agents, it becomes soul-destroying. Going indie is time-consuming and there are plenty of wrinkles to learn, but ultimately success is down to the author. We create worlds for a living; we like control.

Who are your favorite authors in your genre?
Robert Holdstock with Mythago Wood was the writer who opened my eyes to the way history is layered in the British landscape. Phil Rickman similarly for The Man In The Moss, which is based in an area not far from where I live. And George RR Martin.


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  1. Thanks, Scott, for featuring "Torc of Moonlight" today - the timing couldn't be better.

    Not only has it just received another 5* review on Amazon, but it has risen on Amazon USA to #60 and on Amazon UK to #42 in Ghosts! Yay!!