Sunday, April 17, 2011

Guidebook to Working with Small Press - Terry Persun

Bio: About Terry Persun
Terry Persun’s has published 5 novels, 2 poetry collections and a non-fiction book about small presses. His writing has earned honors such as nomination for the Foreword magazine fiction book of the year, POW! Book of the Year Award, Star of Washington Award, and finalist for USA Book News Best Books list. Terry lives and writes on a small farm in Chimacum, WA.

Product Description: 
What will e-readers like about your book:
My book is available through Kindle on the Amazon site. It's meant for authors who are looking for alternative ways to get their books to the public. 

Why did you go indie?
I have published several books with small presses. My latest is "Sweet Song" a post-Civil War historical novel about a mulatto who passes for white. I went indie for this book because I thought there was a limited audience for it. Whenever I gave a lecture on working with small, independent presses, there was standing room only. Since no one else has covered this subject very well, I decided to do it. 

Who are your favorite authors in your genre? 
I have no favorites in this particular genre. But, for my fiction (I'm an eclectic reader), I'd say Jim Harrison and Steve Yarbrough are two of my favorites. 

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