Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Trouble with Thieves - Maurice X. Alvarez & Ande Li

Maurice X. Alvarez was born and raised in New York City .  He began writing fiction at an early age, taking events in his daily life and altering them to fill the pages.  He quickly developed a fascination with science and technology, and his reading interests shifted into the realms of science fiction, fantasy and the paranormal as a result.  His writing soon followed suit.

When Maurice isn't writing he can be found cruising around the county on his bicycle, experimenting with DIY projects around the house or building his amateur carpentry skills.

Product details:
Authors :           Maurice X. Alvarez & Ande Li
Book Title :        The Trouble With Thieves (Book 1: Return to Averia)
Genre :             sci-fi / fantasy
Retail price :      $0.99US
Target audience: General adult

Book Synopsis
Kormèr Lezàl is a young man living a double life on his planet Elmar. Privileged by birth, he seeks to correct the injustices of his feudal world by becoming a specialist in "wealth redistribution."   One day he finds a most wondrous, miraculous device, which can open a portal to any place and any time in the universe he can imagine, and far beyond.  During a moment of romantic indiscretion, Kormèr is forced to flee through the device.  Thus begins a journey unlike any he's had before.

Jeransy is a thorny English rose seeking escape from her dystopian, oppressive world, and when she finds her means, she intends to never go back.  

Anndrew is a bored teenager seeking excitement in modern-day America , which she finds in the form of an alien who promises her the trip of a lifetime.

Cecil is brilliant, driven and alone. Picked on by bullies and misunderstood by his family, he is willing to risk everything to prove himself. When fate deals him the opportunity to seize power beyond his wildest dreams, he decides that nothing will keep him from his chance at greatness. When he learns that Kormèr Lezàl is on his trail and intends to take him back to Earth... well, he's not going without a fight.

Q: What will e-readers like about your book?

It’s a fun adventure-filled ride across a wonderfully detailed planet where the lines are blurred between magic and futuristic technology.  The characters are all driven by motivations that ring familiar with everyone.  Readers will also enjoy watching them change as they face obstacles and opportunities beyond anything they could ever have imagined.

Q: Why did you go indie?

Nine out of every 10 people I know own e-readers.  Add to that the level of control retained by the author in producing their own ebook, and it just seemed to be the right way to go.  And thanks to advances in social media like Facebook, Twitter and even plain old email, connecting personally with readers and getting their feedback has been the icing on the cake.

Q: Who are your favorite authors in your genre?
Isaac Asimov, Timothy Zhan, Roger Zelazny, David Eddings, Anne Rice

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