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Bloodstorm - Sam Millar

Bloodstorm by Sam Millar
Born in Belfast, Ireland. Worked in an abattoir as young man and based my best-selling The Redemption Factory on my horrific experience of the place. The book has been short listed for this year’s Grand Prix de littérature policière, France’s most prestigious crime fiction award. I’ve had numerous other crime book published, including the Karl Kane books. Best-selling memoir, On The Brinks, acquired by Warner Brothers.

Product description:

Bloodstorm is the first of the Karl Kane books. Karl Kane is a private investigator with a dark past. As a child, he witnessed the brutal rape and murder of his mother. The same man sexually molested Karl, leaving him for dead with horrific knife wounds covering his body. Years later, Karl has a chance to avenge his mother’s murder by killing the man responsible. The opportunity arises on one unforgettable Good Friday night. For reasons he later regards as cowardice, Karl allows the opportunity to slip through his hands, only to be shattered when, two days later, two young girls are sexually molested and then brutally murdered by the killer on Easter Sunday morning. Karl now holds himself responsible for their deaths.

What will e-readers like about your book?

Bloodstorm is a very gritty crime noir book. Kane is a very likeable and human PI. He has every-day worries about his health, and paying his bills. He is divorced, and his daughter keeps trying to him to go back to her mother, something both parents know will probably never happen. He is an anti-hero, willing to bend the law, though not too much. He carries a terrible guilt of not killing the man responsible for the death of his mother. The man later killed two children. There is humor in the book, but admittedly very dark.

Why did you go indie?
Despite having success with my books, I always felt constrained by the rules from my publishers. At times, I think the rules bleached too much of the soul from my writing. Now, I have total control over my books.

Who are your favorite authors in your genre?

James Thompson
Jon Lands
Ken Bruen

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