Friday, November 25, 2011

Rose in the River - Jeff Napolitano
One shattering moment bonds the lives of two soon to be teens who will forever share the memory of the sudden crueltly of one heartbreaking act. That bond turns into the desperate need to protect one another and leads them down a path of a love so deep, not even the fear of punishment from a crazed father or ties to a dangerous mob can keep them apart. Together these two learn there is only one way out.
What will e-readers like about my book? It takes the weakest types of people with no chance and empowers them with hope.
Why did I go Indie? I went Indie because I have seen success in other authors who have done the same and I really enjoy finding artistic pieces of literature that are out there and discovering them first before they are shared with everyone.
Favorite authors in this genre? Mario Puzo, Godfather,  and Dennis Lehane Mystic River.
I hope to give you more info on this book if you are interested.

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