Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Little Universe - Jason Matthews

Bio: Jason Matthews is from Chapel Hill, NC and lives in Truckee, CA with his wife and teen daughters. He's been a snow-maker, a house painting contractor and now a full-time writer who loves skiing, dogs and playing/coaching soccer.

Product description: The Little Universe, a novel. What if you could create a universe - a miniature self-enclosed universe? Imagine having probing cameras that could focus to any star or planet looking for life. And once you found life, what if you could accelerate time and watch it evolve? What might you find? Primordial soup. Strange beings. Alien societies. Profound wisdom.

Q: What will e-readers like about your book? I believe readers will find this book absolutely unique, hard to compare or even put into a genre. It's like a mix of Richard Bach, Carl Sagan and Edgar Cayce in one. There are some great surprises too.

Q: Why did you go indie? I went indie because I believed my novels were very good and was already finding readers, though getting agents and publishers to read them was nearly an impossible task. I'm also a do-it-yourself type for just about everything, so going indie was an easy decision.

Q: Who are your favorite authors in your genre? The authors above that I so humbly mentioned comparing my own books to are favorites. I prefer subject matter to authors, so I like most things that deal with meaning-of-life issues.

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  1. "I'm also a do-it-yourself type for just about everything, so going indie was an easy decision."--Having control over your masterpiece is a big motivator in today's market.