Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Continuing Case of Manny Tippitoes - Bruce Adams

I live in Chicago and this is my first book.
Manny Tippitoes is a character that appeared to me in a dream.  When I told my (then) 7 year old niece about my dream she started asking me questions about Manny. Soon I was telling her stories and was persuaded to start writing them down.  Those stories became The Continuing Case of Manny Tippitoes.

I've worked for independent record labels most of my working life and decided DIY route and publish myself. I found a fantastic illustrator named Anna Wieszczyk who had worked for independent comics publishers and worked with a great editor and designer.  Given the ability to self-publish and reach readers directly I decided not to send out query letters and search for a literary agent and/or publisher.  Instead, I did it myself, punk rock style.

E-readers will like the illustrations and layout of the book.  The book tells a story from the perspective of two characters and takes place over a hundred years' time.  Readers get glimpses of events and characters across Victorian, Jazz Age, World War Two and contemporary times as our characters search for the mysterious person who calls himself Manny Tippitoes.  The structure of the book is designed for maximum enjoyment in bite-sized chunks.

Some of my favorite authors are Anthony Trollope, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Shel Silverstein, J.R.R. Tolkein and Agatha Christie.  I've written Manny with kids (and adults) who are voracious readers and inquisitive media consumers.  I firmly believe that kids in the middle grades have access to all kinds of entertainment and reading and don't need to be "written down to."

The Continuing Case of Manny Tippitoes is now for sale as a publish on demand paperback through Createspace and  Barnes & Noble has just put up the Nook Version/.  Kindle and iPad versions will be available shortly.

You can preview a pdf of the entire book at

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