Monday, November 28, 2011

Pinpoint - Mary Taylor

Pinpoint by Sheila Mary Taylor


Sheila Mary Taylor was born in Cape Town, beneath the towering slopes of Table Mountain. From an early age she yearned to be a novelist but only when her teenage son was diagnosed with life-threatening cancer did she begin writing in earnest. Those early scribblings became “Fly With a Miracle” published by Denor Press. With her pen triggered, she also had four romances published by Thorpe Publishing, then spent four years editing her mother’s three unpublished novels which Penguin published and for which Dora Taylor won the South African Posthumous Literary Award.
“Pinpoint”, is Sheila’s first thriller, and was for three months in the top 100 bestselling thrillers on Amazon Kindle. Coming soon is a revised edition of “Fly With a Miracle”, called “Counted”, to be followed by “The Nightingale Will Sing”, a contemporary romance. Work in progress is “Dead Girls Don’t Dance”, a romantic suspense thriller set in London and Menorca.

Product description:

A lawyer, a murderer and a policeman are caught in a tangled web of love, loss, terror and intrigue when the lawyer realises the murderer may be a shadow out of her past and an even greater shadow over her future. He is a serial killer and she may once have loved him more than anyone in the world. But who is he really? Has she met him before? Does he hold a key to her lost childhood memories?
When he is duly convicted, he suddenly turns on her in the courtroom and threatens that one day he will wreak his revenge on her.
But why? What has she ever done to him?

Q: What will e-readers like about your book?

They’ll like the unique story-line that will have them turning pages furiously as Julia struggles to decide whether to seek police help, or to go it alone in her battle to unravel her past and save her daughter.
The crisp literary style, the cliff-hangers and the clock-ticking construction.
And the nail-biting climax with the ghastly revelation and twist right at the end.

Q: Why did you go indie?

The publishing revolution made this seem like the most sensible way to go forward.

Q: Who are your favorite authors in your genre?
Barbara Vine, Ian Rankin and Val McDermid for crime fiction. But I also love Maggie O’Farrell, Charlotte Bronte, William Boyd, Kazuo Ishiguro. And Gerry McCullough, a new indie author of “Belfast Girls” and “Danger Danger”.

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