Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Unmythed - chris wind


chris wind has degrees in Literature, Education, and Philosophy.  Her prose has been read on CBC Radio, and both her prose and her poetry has been published in numerous magazines and journals.  Her theatrical work has been performed, most notably in Toronto , Ontario and Laurel , Maryland .  She has received thirteen Ontario Arts Council Writers’ Reserve grants. 

Product Description:

This collection of poems reveals the myths within the myths revealed: what might Pandora, Circe, Penelope, Eurydice, Persephone, the Gorgons, and others have thought and done if they had not been the creations of a chauvinist patriarchy?
For poetry fans, especially feminist; of interest to scholars of Greek and Roman mythology; a good resource for English teachers who teach a Mythology unit.

Q: What will e-readers like about your book?

It's intriguing.  And unsettling.  Especially "Bellerophon"...

Q: Why did you go indie? 

“Personally, I would not publish this stuff. This is not to say it isn’t publishable – it’s almost flawless stylistically, perfect form and content, etc. etc. It’s perverse: satirical, biting, caustic, funny.  Also cruel, beyond bitter, single-minded with a terminally limited point of view, and this individual may have read Edith Hamilton’s Mythology but she/he certainly doesn’t perceive the essential meanings of these myths.  Or maybe does and deliberately twists the meaning to suit the poem. Likewise, in the etymological sense.  Editorial revisions suggested? None, it’s perfect. Market potential/readership Targets: Everyone – this is actually marketable – you could sell fill Harbourfront reading this probably. General comments: You could actually make money on this stuff.”  anonymous reader report for a small Canadian press, that rejected the ms

Q: Who are your favorite authors in your genre?  Plath, Rich, Eliot

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