Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Equinox - MJ Preston

Why did you go indie?

I believe that the publishing industry, not unlike the music industry, is undergoing serious changes.  Artists are now able to take complete control of their craft and deliver it to the public without the obstruction of a middle man or the barrier outdated thinking.

Who are your favorite authors in your genre?

Stephen King and Robert R McCammon were major writing influences for me, but writers outside my genre including Joseph Boyden, Tom Clancy and Graham Green have given me excellent models of how to deliver a story.

The Equinox
It has existed for centuries.

A dark curse held captive by ancient ritual, a creature of insatiable hunger possessing the ability to change shape at will. During spring and fall equinox it would break through the walls separating our worlds to feed.

Now it walks among us unrestrained and very hungry.

Banished from the Chocktee Nation and obsessed with vengeance, Daniel Blackbird has been chasing the “ Walker ” across North America for over 14 years. Bearing a scar from his first encounter, he feels the abomination's telepathic pull and is drawn in whatever direction it moves, but it always seems to be one step ahead of him.

Until now!

Over a thousand miles away residents of the prairie town of Thomasville are trying to come to terms with unspeakable crimes.

In a race against time, Blackbird sets out for the prairie town which, as the Equinox approaches, is destined to become a killing ground where cultures and worlds will collide.

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