Sunday, August 14, 2011

Jaguar Sees: The Lacquer Box - Ann Simon

As a preschooler, I scribbled on yellow legal pads and hoped that it would  magically transform into wonderful stories.  I've been a teacher and technical writer and have published stories and poems.  We lived in Moscow for two years where Jaguar was born.  I currently write real words and live with my husband Steve and Elaine the Psycho Cat in Virginia. 

Product description
Claire Milton lives in Moscow with her husband, Jack Bowden, a scientist working in support of the Nuclear Threat Reduction treaty.  On the plane returning to Russia from the States, she is restive and hopes to calm herself with a type of meditative trance, a Shamanic journey.  But rather than experiencing a soothing interlude, she and her Spirit Animal, Jaguar, are attacked by gruesome animals, and Claire awakens, shaken to find bloody scratches on her arm.  

Back in Moscow, Claire buys a lacquer box at the craft market.  Out of nowhere, dangerous men appear, threatening and pursuing her.  Why are they after the box?  And why do they remind her so strongly of the creatures in her Journey?

When Claire joins Jack on a business trip to Irkutsk, she discovers that the box carries the secrets of a tactical nuclear weapons smuggling ring.  When Jack and Claire become separated, the only thing Claire has to rely on is Jaguar, and Jaguar isn't even real – or is she?  And, real or not, will her help be enough?

What will e-readers like about your book?  Readers will like the fast pace of Jaguar Sees and enjoy experiencing life in the exotic settings of Moscow and Siberia.  It’s fun to speculate what it would be like if Sprit Animals came to life. 

Why did I go Indie?  While I got a lot of positive feedback from organized publishing, Jaguar is a unique novel, not readily categorized.  Meanwhile, I was thinking about a sequel.  I was ready to get Jaguar out there.

Who are your favorite authors in your genre?  As far as I know, there aren't any other authors in my genre.  I've combined the most ancient of spiritual practices, Shamanism, with the most modern of weapons, tactical nuclear weapons and wrapped them together in a thriller.  I'd love to read other books with a similar bent.

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