Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cold Faith And Zombies - Sean Thomas Fisher


Sean Thomas Fisher was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa and is a graduate of The University of Iowa. He has written for Rock and Country radio stations across the United States since 1998. Other available releases include: First Zombie and Second Zombie. Sean is currently finishing a novella, entitled Cold Summer Nights (Paranormal Activity meets The Ring) and investigating strange noises in the basement...

Product Description:

The scripture warns that in “the last days” the love of the great body of believers will grow cold and maybe that's why people who are not people anymore began pounding on Paul’s front door. With his zombie movie and gaming experience, his wife, Sophia, and trusty friend, Dan, know they have an edge against extinction. Paul quickly gets them guns, a siphon-kit and a plan to head south, because if the walking stiffs don’t get them, the freezing Iowa temps will.

Overnight, Paul goes from the unemployment line to the front line in a battle against darkness, where he finally finds his calling as a leader. However, his swelling confidence quickly propels them towards tragedy, putting his faith to the ultimate test while the fate of others hangs in the balance.

This book will bring ravenous zombies into your home without the use of strong language and graphic violence.


I’ve always been a huge zombie fan and often fantasized about kicking total butt during a Z outbreak and living happily ever after with my friends and family - up to our necks in blue ocean waves, Hostess Ding Dongs and free Camaros. Occasionally, a darker - more realistic - version would creep into my mind, where things don’t end up going so hot. This is the version that inspired Cold Faith and Zombies. If an incurable infection began spreading today, this is what would really happen.


I did the usual query letter song and dance for over a year to barely an agent response. After Borders began going south, I decided to go indie and am so glad I did! The instant results have been amazing, and having people actually pay money - in this economy - for my books has been the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me.


My favorite horror authors are Max Brooks, Brian Keene, Joe Hill, and of course The Master of Modern Horror - Mr. Stephen King. He is such an inspiration to so many, including myself. His book On Writing wasn't quite as bloody as I thought it was going to be, but it made me a better writer nonetheless. 

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  1. The best thing about CFAZ is exactly that - thing's don't end up so hot for the heros in this tale.

    PS: I like corn.