Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Yemen Connection - M. H. Sargent

Bio: I have been a writer all my life, first for magazines and newspapers, and then later writing screenplays. I switched to writing novels in order to write the type of story I wanted to write.

Product description: Yemen’s top terrorist is planning a devastating biological attack against the United States. He only has one problem – his moneyman has just been arrested by Yemen’s counterterrorism unit.

At the same time, a very wealthy Yemeni man, overwhelmed by his son’s recent drug arrest in Saudi Arabia and the prospect that his son will spend many years behind bars, finds hope from an unexpected source. Approached by a member of an elite four-member CIA team, he’s promised that his son will come home – on one condition. He has to pose as a moneyman for the terrorist and find out exactly what is being planned and when. Of course, he agrees.

The CIA team, including an attractive woman doctor, has joined a Catholic mission, which houses a medical clinic, in order to have cover while operating in Yemen.

While performing her duties as a physician for the mission, the woman agent comes across some autistic children at an orphanage and learns that they’ve never had any vaccinations – which she believes is the underlying cause of autism. This leads her to discover something else that might be going on with these particular children. Admitting it’s a “long shot,” she nonetheless pursues her hypothesis, unaware that following through on her theory will get people killed.

Meanwhile, the CIA team has a big problem – the real moneyman has escaped from custody. If he finds his way back to the terrorist, their imposter front man will no longer be needed. In fact, his life will be in danger. And the CIA will be in the dark, unable to thwart the pending attack.

Q: What will e-readers like about your book? It is a taunt thriller set in a country that most of us know very little about, but is in the news a great deal right now – Yemen.

Q: Why did you go indie? Scores of agents turned me down. I decided to let the readers decide if they wanted my kind of books or not. So far, they’ve voted yes, they like my books. I’m grateful.

Q: Who are your favorite authors in your genre? Daniel Silva, Tom Clancy & Michael Connelly.

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