Monday, July 11, 2011

Coyote's Daughter - Corie J. Weaver


I didn't grow up planning to be a writer. My background is in medieval history (Spanish manuscripts of the apocalypse, if you were wondering), but as I'm fond of being able to pay the bills, I work in web development. But I am a reader - always have been. As many books as possible, any genre. And then quite unexpectedly, there were stories of my own that I wanted to share.

Product description:

Trapped in a world where the legends of Tewa mythology walk free, a young girl must solve an ancient mystery in order to return to her own world.

It is the beginning of summer, and twelve-year-old Maggie is angry about her family’s move from San Diego to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Lonely and resentful at her new circumstances, Maggie and her dog Jack soon find the shady trail leading up to the Rio Grande.

While playing by the river, Jack startles a strange young boy, Ash. Maggie is  drawn away from the real world of her family and into Ash’s land, one populated by myths and legends. Threatening all is Shriveled Corn Man, a powerful sorcerer in search of vengeance for wrongs long past.

Guided by the trickster Coyote and the cryptic Spider Old Woman, Maggie and Jack must travel across Ash’s world in order to free her new friend and his people.

Q: What will e-readers like about your book?
I think they'll enjoy going on Maggie's journey. It's a very different world than most fantasy novels.

Q: Why did you go indie?

I've been writing YA/Middle Grade fantasy and science-fiction for a while now. I've won contests, had short stories published online, and had agents request manuscripts. 
A number of published authors have mentioned problems with their houses, and frustration from knowing they'd done everything possible to make their books a success, but they didn't have control over the final product or timing.
And I had to decide. What was most important to me? Getting a deal with a publisher? Or sharing my stories and characters with readers?

Q: Who are your favorite authors in your genre?

Holly Black and Justine Larbalestier are favorites, as well as Neil Gaiman. On the indie front, I've had many happy hours reading Lindsay Buroker

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